Excel Turbinas

Borescopic Inspection

It allows us to know the conditions of high temperature work areas, such as combustion chamber, stators and injector conditions, it is recommended every 300 hours.

Time required to perform Borescopic Inspection , access / removal of Cowlings + Inspection and return for service.

Eng ModelLaborCost
PT62 hrs550.00
CJ610-6,-84 hrs750.00
CF7004 hrs750.00
TFE 731-2,-3,-54 hrs750.00
TPE331-1,-2,-5,-8,-10,-124 hrs750.00
JT154 hrs750.00
Fuel discharge noses

Removal + Cleaning + Nose Test + Certification and Reinstallation.

Eng ModelCost
PT61500 USD
CJ610-6,-81500 USD
CF7001500 USD
TFE 731-2,-3,-52200 USDOnly removal, cleaning, testing and reinstallation, NOT certified .
TPE331-1,-2,-5,-8,-10,-122200 USDOnly removal, cleaning, testing and reinstallation, NOT certified .
JT151800 USD

NOTE: If damages are found in the process it is quoted separately Labor and Parts as apply.

Compressor washing

Maintains a clean air intake, making the engine run efficient.

Information download (deec)

It allows us to know the history of short-term operation.

Inspection MPI & HSI

It allows us to comply with the inspection cycles of heating sections recommended by the manufacturer’s manual.

FOD inspection and repair

It allows the operational recovery of the engine, after an ingestion event of any type of material.

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