Private jet

In Red Aviation we value your time and we know that there are moments that are priceless, that is why we offer you the opportunity to move to your destinations in a short time and without the need to make lines.


6 to 9 passengers
3 to 6 suitcases
Different destinations

renta de aeronaves


We are aware of the importance of those minutes that make a difference at certain times.

Our Services:

Patient transfer aware
Aircraft Conditioning for Transfer with stretcher
Oxygen tank
Defibrillation Kit
Paramedic service on board + 2 relatives


Short transfers have become chaos in the metropolitan area. That is why we offer you our helicopter section to make these short trips an experience full of comfort and luxury.

renta de aeronaves


We have rental services for cargo aircraft to transfer different types of merchandise. Size according to the weight of merchandise, routes to all of Mexico and different parts of Latin America and the USA. Ask about our destinations. Aircraft rental model for special events.

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